Jewelry Fashion and Trends

When it comes to the winter wardrobe, there's more to fashion than sweaters, leggings, tights, handbags, and women’s wrap pashminas. Even though some women heavily accessorize during the spring and summer months, the argument can be made that fashion jewelry is even more important during the winter. After all, in the absence of accessories, the dark colors of the fashion season can make you look and feel drab. Add some captivation bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets, however, and you'll begin to shine.

Trends in Fashion Jewelry

Just as you add pieces to your wardrobe each season, you should also change out your fashion jewelry. Here are some trends to watch for when selecting your pieces.

Bracelets: In your bracelet selection, beading is key this season. Look for dangling bracelets with glass beads, semi-precious stones, acrylic beads, and even seashells. Stretch bracelets work for virtually every wrist, while the fashion-forward are opting for multi-stranded beaded stretch bracelets. Red, black, and dark green dominate the scene, with crystals adding sparkle to more formal occasions.

Pendant Sets: Silver adds a wintry glint to the season's pendant sets, with animal jewelry taking the lead. African elephant pendants, frog pendants, and even horse pendants can add elegance or whimsy to your fashion statement. This year, holiday ensembles are being accented with snowflake pendant and earring sets.

Brooches: The story this year is animal jewelry. Brooches have come back with a bang, and are epitomized by kitties, teddy bears, poodles, and butterflies. Other whimsical implementations, such as angels, ladybugs, and cherries, are also setting trends.

Watches: Long gone are the days when a woman had a single watch. Today, watches are viewed first as a fashion accessory, and second as a timepiece. Cuff watches are setting the tone, but beyond that, you're only limited by your imagination. Look for crocodile cuff watches, round or square wood cuff watches, and shell cuff wristwatches.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

With the holidays approaching there's little doubt that jewelry is always appropriate as a gift. For example, teacher gifts could include a gold teacher brooch depicting a coffee mug with pencils, a school-themed slide magnetic bracelet, or a teacher's prayer stretch bracelet. Similarly, a set of two fleur-de-lis bracelets would make wonderful gifts for a mother and daughter.

For those on your gift list who are spiritual or religious, fashion jewelry can tastefully reflect their deeply held beliefs. A multi-strand necklace with a cross would be a perfect gift, as would a cross-shaped charm and earring sets.

Finding the Best Deal

Keeping up with the trends can be expensive, as anyone who has shopped for fashion jewelry and other accessories knows. That's why savvy shoppers go online to buy fashion jewelry. Because e-tailers don't have the same overhead expenses as brick-and-mortar retailers, they can happily pass those savings on to you.

When you shop online for jewelry, make sure to select a company that has a commitment to both setting and reflecting fashion jewelry trends. The company should also offer a distinctive collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings while offering value prices.

This winter, don't settle for dull. Let your wardrobe choice sparkle with fabulous fashion jewelry!


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