Fashion Jewelry Trends

Ever summer presents its own jewelry trends and I suspect that the summer of 2019 will rank among the summers that have past when it comes to summer jewelry ideas. Will you invest in organic stone this year for a unique addition to your jewelry collection? What do you plan to wear to the beach, or the swimming pool this summer? Have you tried matching your jewelry with your beach wardrobe selection for this season? Do you even bother with all of the above? Well, if you do, now just might be the time to ponder jewelry trends for this summer.

Pearls, especially pearl earrings will never go out of style when it comes to summertime jewelry ideas because pearls will always look good on you. The summertime is a great time to try out gemstones or something like shells mixed with pearls. For a formal summer evening how about a mother of pearl or freshwater pearl in a well-designed pendant or necklace?

Let summertime be your time to be innovative and pick out jewelry that is fun, flirty, colorful, and bold. My summertime jewelry choices usually include classic sterling silver or gold chain necklace. How about a necklace I call summertime lite a single gold chain with evenly spaced tiny beads like the one on the model above? Like I said summer in the perfect time to be experimental when it comes to your summertime jewelry choice.

Do some layering with fun combinations of some of the dainty necklace styles I mentioned. Pack some waterproof earrings for your getaway at the beach or at the pool and most of all enjoy being out of the classroom, the office, or the shop.


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