Playful Summertime Fashion

Playful Summertime Fashion ideas, how about 1960s chic, summertime casual or are you just looking for a way to stay cool, and classy this summer? Let me say a word about one of my Giftkone Affiliates Nuroco and their summertime fun fashion collection. I'm not about to make the suggestion that you cast out your old wardrobe and rebuild a new, but I'm almost certain that you will see something in this collection of summer clothing ideas that you might not mind adding to your current wardrobe and don't forget about jewelry, like this
Apple Watch Handmade Bohemian Genuine Leather band 44mm/ 40mm/ 42mm/ 38mm iwatch Series 1 2 3 4  to accent your playful summer fashion outfit.

Last year I noticed a lot of the women were wearing western wear, at a few of the concerts and state fairs I attended, some dressed like straight up cowgirl. If you ask me it makes sense especially in summer. To me, it seemed like a great way to dress for the fair especially with a pair of boots. Usually, in the summer bold colors are "in, "especially at the beach. If you're uncomfortable with flashing too much color you can always tone down an outfit with a basic black top or pants, actually for the summer sun basic white might be even better. If you're the someone I speak of who finds it hard to leave the darker colors of fall behind, try to be bold, take the plunge! (into summer colors)

My favorite summertime fashion on a woman is florals, be it a dress, or top florals, in my opinion, are a fit for all seasons. Khaki is one of the best neutral colors I can think of to pair with summer fashion white garments, khaki also bring a hint of militaristic energy to your summer wardrobe that can be subtle (without patches) to bold and out there (with militarist patches) whether you choose the cowgirl look, or the subtle military fashion commando look, or you just want to flatter a curvy figure with this year's trendy style, find a good looking knitted tank top for summer evenings or a pair of high waist denim shorts that will keep you cool during your playful outdoor-summer-activity checkout the summertime offerings here, and let me know what you think.


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