Summer hair tips

I decided to say a word or two about one of my Giftkone affiliates Sally Beauty and their complete line of hair care products to keep you looking your best this summer and beyond. In particular their all-in-one-hair coloring kit complete with natural oils for brilliant conditioning color and shine.

To me, Sally Beauty Supply is more than just an online beauty supply store that because of the Internet solves the question of where can I find a Sally Beauty supplies near me? In addition to their many street locations, there is always a Sally Beauty Supply as close as your keyboard, or cell phone keypad.

Here are some tips to help your hair stay beautiful no matter what you have planned for it this summer and the wonderful change to beach and swimming-pool weather. You can minimize some of the effects of salt-water or chlorine from the swimming pool that your hair will soak up when you take a dip in the ocean, or the pool by rinsing your hair with some cool fresh water before you take the plunge.

If you have color treated hair and you want to protect your hair color be sure to take a hat or some hair covering with you when you're out in the bright sunlight. A hat or scarf can help your scalp maintain its moisture and, depending on the grade of your hair, protect against wind damage, like tangling.

After you shampoo your hair try working in one of these oils (Olive oil, Avocado oil, or Coconut oil) because of the ability of these oils to penetrate to the hair shaft. Then do your normal rinse and conditioning after that. Your hair should feel moist and silky and not greasy.

Remember it's summertime keep yourself, which by-the-way includes your hair and scalp hydrated, drink more water. Do your best to maintain a hair healthy diet (eggs, berries, avocado, spinach, and nuts) keeping yourself hydrated will bring much love from your hair, for proving it with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs, along with the extra water intake, to stay vibrant and healthy during the summer months.


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