Keep your Engagement ring sparkling

Your diamond engagement ring plays a very important role in your life and should be treated with care. Even though a diamond is the hardest substance known on earth, it still requires attention and care.

In a way, a diamond's weakness is its perfect 'cleavage' or the tendency to split along its perfect crystal planes. This makes diamonds vulnerable to cracking or chipping with a sharp blow. A good setting can prevent most damage, but reasonable care is essential to be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

You should avoid wearing your diamond ring when gardening or during household repairs that might damage the prongs that hold your diamond secure or scratch the setting. It's always a good idea to take off your diamond ring and put it in a safe place when washing dishes or when doing household repairs.

Exposure to household chemicals like chlorine and hairspray can, over time, accumulate and dull the surface of your diamond. Periodic cleaning is crucial if you want to keep your engagement ring looking brilliant and prismatic.

There are other things like hand lotions, hair styling products, and everyday dirt that can also leave a film on your diamond which will reduce its sparkle. The accumulation of these materials on your engagement ring can form a thick layer of filth on the back of the stone if cleaning is not done in adequate intervals.

To clean, try a gentle scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush in a solution of plain alcohol diluted in warm water is recommended. Take care not to scrub with a brush with bristles hard enough to scratch the surface of the ring.

If you decide to leave the cleaning of your engagement ring to a professional periodic ultrasonic cleaning by your local jeweler is also recommended to clean hard-to-reach areas under the settings. Be sure to take your Diamond Ring to a trusted local jeweler to check for loose prongs.

You may have to pay a little to have the prongs re-tipped with gold once a year or so, but it will be well worth it. Prongs can break or weaken with normal wear, and it would be heartbreaking to lose your precious diamond. So, good care has to be taken to maintain the token of your life. It's really not that hard to keep your engagement ring safely holding on to its stone, and sparkling.


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