Steampunk Jewelry

Victorian-era science with a mechanical edge is what Steampunk is all about, (to me anyway) and that is what my Steam-Punk-Design-Lab has created for the for you/ and me the Steampunk enthusiast. Hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I do or as much as any of the other fantastic steam-punk-theme jewelry out here in cyberspace; especially, my newly created Radioactive Steam Detector Necklace and my even newer (just added) type-B, R.S. Detector.

Steampunk is a celebration of the technical innovations from the days of the steam engine, back when the major fuel used was water, that's right good old H-2-0h to make the steam that powered the world back in the days before the gas-powered horseless-carriage. In the southwestern U.S. (Arizona) called Cave Creek Museum (1640 East Skyline Drive, Cave Creek 480 488-2764) where kids can dress up Steampunk style and learn about the history of science in the desert southwest and the effect Steampunk innovations like the telegraph and the telephone had on frontier life.

Does my radioactive steam detector really work? Well no, but then neither does my laser-pistol-sidearm, which is probably a good thing, I'm into Steampunk for fun and to enjoy my membership in the rather extraordinary league of gentlemen, and women's club, aka Steampunk.  If you're a jewelry maker and want a little Steampunk DIY jewellry action, be sure to visit my jewelry-making-page because it contains a few jewelry-making-supplies, like different size decorative mechanical gears. If you're a jewelry seller offers its handmade steampunk jewelry at steampunk jewelry wholesale prices, just cable me at the following e-mail address,

If on the other hand, all you want to do is spice up your Steampunk cosplay outfit with a pair of great-looking steampunk earrings or a unique handmade steampunk pendant this is a formal invitation from me to you to check out my Steampunk Jewelry Collection.


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