The Pocket Watch

If you would like to add a pocket watch to your men's, or women's jewelry collection, like a lot of my Steampunk friends what's the best place to shop for a pocket watch? Unlike back in the days when pocket watches were plentiful, from the 16 century to just after WWI and the invention of the wristwatch, no self-respectful railroad engineer or conductor would be caught without that valuable piece of tradition and the places to buy a pocket watch were everywhere. Modern-day watchmakers have just about put an end to the use of the old nostalgic pocket watch when it comes to adding it to your wardrobe.

The good news is that due to demand, the antique and pocket watch industry has increased over the past few years so while demand is nowhere near what it once was for the pocket watch the desire of some people to own a pocket watch is still alive. Because of this modern-day demand, many have taken interest in buying, selling, and even trading different pocket watch brands. Working with my Zazzle affiliate I have even created a few pocket watch designs that are available. However, before I created some modern pocket watches. I was once involved in a search for the best pocket watch at the best pocket watch price that ended up including a little pocket watch history so let me share some of that with you.

These days an antique store is one of the best resources in locating a pocket watch. As obvious as it may sound there are a large number of people that overlook this option when searching for a Swiss pocket watch or vintage pocket watch. If you can find an antique store that specializes in jewelry, it will make the chances of you finding that perfect pocket watch even better.

An alternative to an antique store is a flea market. There are many bargains available at flea markets and if you find a great flea market, you may just find a great looking pocket watch for an equally great price. Not only could you end up saving money, but you could find the pocket watch you have been looking for.

If an antique store or flea market is not available where you are another place to look for pocket watches is at a garage sale. Garage sales can be a little "hit or miss" when it comes to searching for a pocket watch but if you do happen to find a pocket watch, there is the possibility you can get it for fractions of what it may cost at an antique store. This is the cheapest way to find a great pocket watch, however, it may take longer to find what you are after.

If you get the chance to visit a garage sale in your area it's a good idea to ask the person giving the garage sale if they actually have what you are looking for (pocket watches). I did this once when on a search for cuff links. Upon arriving I went around to the few tables where there was some jewelry and asked if there had any cuff links. The person disappeared into their house and returned with a box of jewelry that I was told they had planned to put once the matched up some of the pieces, I was invited to go through the box and I did make some finds.

These are just a few places you can begin your search for the perfect pocket watch. Be sure to shop around and compare the prices between vendors. Sometimes you could even get them to knock off a few bucks if you mention that you saw one at another shop that you were interested in. With the resurgence of vintage pocket watches in general, chances are that you can find a good looking, working pocket watch at a great price.


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