Wedding Wishes

I've seen many different lists of questions recommended as important to ask before you walk down the aisle together and I wonder just how many people do check all the boxes to all the questions to ask your intended spouse. I believe it could be true that you might regret not asking at least some questions prior to getting married, but I don't think that love operates that way. It helps to be practical but when it comes to loving someone there is a certain amount of blind trust in someone to actually live up to their wedding-voles. It was with this question in mind followed by many more that prompted me to start my newest Pinterest board.

Wedding tips and ideas are available on my new Pinterest board that I titled "Wedding Wishes" because that is what I try to do with the wedding wishes page, fulfill each and every one of your wedding planning wishes. Even though my focus is mainly in the jewelry department I realize that there is so much more involved in providing experiences and memories that will last as long as a good jewelry selection.

Currently, my Wedding Wishes board has four sections that include wedding dresses, and wedding invitation and customizable wedding invite choices, as well as a Marriage First Aid board with interesting articles and pins useful in mending a marriage, should the unthinkable ever happen. The wedding wishes board basically promotes the positive energy the planning, the actual event, and post-wedding activities.

Because of the artwork and all of the beautiful looking choices the Wedding Invitation section is a wonderful place to start if you're about to enter the wedding planning stage. There are plenty of good looking invitation ideas in the Wedding Invitation section of my new Wedding Wishes board. I add a little something every day to this newest of my Pinterest Boards.


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