Personal Jewelry Collection Classics

Make your personal jewelry choices this season become instant classics when you team them up with this Fall's wardrobe choices.

Fine jewelry is the perfect way to update and accessorize this Fall's fashions. "Eyelet dresses, Edwardian-inspired blouses and white clothing, all hot trends this season, provide the perfect backdrop for fine jewelry," says Helena Krodel, spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center. Regardless of your style or budget, there is a piece of innovative or soul-proclaiming fine jewelry to perfectly suit you.

This holiday season medallions will be on the top of shoppers' lists. Look for versions with floral motifs, intricate carvings, filigree work or personal engravings. Grand-scale medallions pair well with long thick chain-link necklaces in gold, platinum or sterling silver. More petite medallions look fresh suspended from brightly colored gemstone necklaces, chains set with diamonds, "diamonds by the yard" or a strand of pearls à la Chanel.

When it comes to charms---charms are back. Women may choose sweet subtle trinkets instead of bracelets chock-full of hearts and stars. New styles include tiny treasures hung from hoop earrings; charms clustered on top of rings; stationed charm necklaces with unmatched charms; and very long chain-link necklaces with one, two or three charms that fall far into the décolletage.

There is a sprawling array of important earrings Destine to graced the red carpet this season. Now that spring has passed the earring evolution has come full circle featuring chandeliers, long linear drops, "threaders" and ear-hugging versions. Although all of these variations will have a place amidst the fashions this season, the newest style on the ear frontier is the embellished hoop with charms.

In this season's Giftkone TP jewelry forecast the fascination with cocktail rings continues, focusing on cabochon-cut or seemingly uncut gemstones. Designers are using antique-looking or organic gemstones, rose-cut diamonds (or gemstones) and crystal-like formations. More traditional styles still look fabulous when they feature richly saturated gemstones and special metalsmithing techniques. Also look for colored gemstones in pink and green including pink sapphire, pink and green tourmaline, peridot and tsavorite (green garnet).

In cooling weather chopped sleeves that expose your skin to the elements get extended to longer sleeves making room for a bracelet that won't be hidden by a longer sleeve. Some standout styles include bracelets that won't be hidden by your sleeve or a great looking watch. When it comes to bracelets use organic materials like wood, mother-of-pearl, shell, and moonstone; have strong details like grommets in gold; feature feminine flower carvings; or use special materials like platinum and diamonds, which are ideal for glitzy occasions.


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